Virtues and Flaws

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We've created or modified a couple of Virtues and Flaws.

Second Sight

Major Virtue, Supernatural

In A Family Affair, Second Sight counts as a Major Supernatural Virtue. Treat it as an Intellego Vim spell with a Penetration equal to your Second Sight Ability times 5. Otherwise, the effects are as on page 48 of ArM5.


Major Virtue, Supernatural

You never need to, nor can you, sleep or lose consciousness. Besides gaining this direct effect you gain with one extra "season activity" each year. If you are a magus, this cannot be a lab activity, since it does not align with the season boundaries. When playing out your long-term events, the extra season occurs during the Winter, so you should have two Winter seasons each year instead of one.

If you suffer long term fatigue, you regain one level for every 8 hours you remain sedentary. Short term fatigue is unaffected.

You are immune to spells that would put you to sleep or make you drowsy. If you would lose consciousness due to exhaustion or some other effect, you become delirious (and more or less helpless) instead, and for the same duration you would have been unconscious. Twilight is also unaffected.