Hywel Mawr

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Hywel Mawr is a large, Welsh magus trained in the Hibernia Tribunal by Gombán Mór of House Merinita. A natural addition to the House, Hywel's mother is a leading faerie in the court of King Gwyn ap Nudd in Annwn, the Welsh Otherworld.

Hywel enjoys getting lost and becoming found. He is an eager adventurer and a curious explorer, and likes wandering faerie forests and supernatural regiones. His most powerful spells - thus far - allow him to speak with trees and boulders, so he has ample guides along the way. When not in the field, he finds laboratory work just as adventurous and exploratory.

Physically Hywel is tall, straight-backed, and good-looking, with slender fingers, long limbs, and golden-brown hair. His Sidhe nature is readily apparent, giving him the benefits of faerie eyes (Second Sight) and a handsome appearance. True to his humble beginnings, growing up with his cattle-raising father, Hywel dresses in simple clothing. He wears a large, bulky cloak, called in Irish a brat, wrapped around his shoulders and falling to his knees. His brat is large enough to hide small items, including weapons, and serves as both raincoat and blanket. Hywel wears it constantly, in good weather and bad. Many suspect that his brat is his only item of apparel, since he has never worn shoes and his tunic and short breeches are hidden from view.

Personality Traits: Cheerful +3, Hungry +3, Reckless +1

Character Sheet

Hywel's character sheet is on Google docs.