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Agnes is a junior maga from the covenant of Stranggore. She is the first and only apprentice of Merewen.


Agnes appears to be in her early forties, though in fact she is a good deal younger. She is accompanied by a small owl, Sophie.

Though it is difficult to see, Agnes bears the brand of her magical tradition on the left side of her neck.


Agnes belongs to the folk tradition of her mater and has the gift of Mythic Herbalism.

She has been discrete with her magic and has only been seen to cast the following Formulaic spells:

  • Bind Wound
  • Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh
  • Purification of the Festering Wounds
  • Winter's Icy Touch

Key Abilities

  • Magic Theory
  • Mythic Herbalism
  • Latin


As an apprentice, she has a reputation for mischief but now as a maga she is developing the persona of a witch.

Optimistic +3 Loyal (Familiar) +3



Character Sheet

Players in the Saga of Stranggore should probably not look at Agnes' character sheet to avoid spoilers, but visitors are more than welcome to use it in their own Sagas if they would like.