Blackthorn Arc

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The Blackthorn Arc is one of the major story arcs in the Saga of Stranggore. Blackthorn is a very old, politically powerful, and wicked covenant of magi. Its members belong to House Merinita and they have been accused of bringing ruin to the Order.


Blackthorn is responsible for several of the Lost Covenants of the Stonehenge Tribunal.

  • Rosalba, 899: Destroyed in Wizards War, Blackthorn claims Vis sources.
    • Rosalba is the location of a pool which destroys the mind, which trapped Ozerk for decades.
    • It is the location of Ludevine's sanctum.
    • It is located at the ruins of Maidenhead Castle within a Regio.
  • Blackrose, 1104: Disbanded. Voluntas seeks recompense for a corrupted vis source on the site.
    • The corruption is a powerful Fey who blocks access.
    • This is the site where Godwyn and Ozerk fought Thorn.
    • It is located within a Regio near Merlin's Fountain.

Blackthorn is responsible for Ozerk losing his memory, and eventually his death when he sought revenge.


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