Brian the Mad

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Brian the Mad is Stranggore's autocrat. He is a non-player character controlled by the Storyguide. He has a son Harold the Mad who is also touched by magic.


Brian very old and suffers from gout and cataracts. He looks like a frail, bald old man with a long white beard, dressed in musty and threadbare robes. He rarely leaves the walls of the Covenant.

In fact Brian is a big younger and more vigorous than he looks; he's only about 60 years old.

Key Abilities

Brian was once a capable autocrat, until he went mad years ago. None the less he remains the living person with the most knowledge of the covenant's lore and resources.

  • Profession: Autocat
  • Area Lore (Strangore)
  • Artes Liberales
  • Speak Latin
  • Magic Lore
  • Second Sight


  • Talkative +1
  • Loyal +2
  • Practical +2

Brian spends a lot of time talking to people who aren't there. The senior magi suspect he can actually see the many ghosts who haunt the covenant. Unfortunately, Brian's madness is that he has trouble telling these spirits (whether they are real or imaginary) apart from living people.

Brian also hoards things; he's taken over the ground-floor sanctum in the southwest tower and filled it with all manner of disused furniture, clothing, and equipment.