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In the Saga of A Family Affair, we're experimenting with merging the Magical and Faerie Realms into one.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The distinction between Magic and Faerie creatures is arbitrary and tends to make Magical creatures less interesting.
  2. There are major practical implications for Vim spells, especially wards and spells for detecting, attacking, and controlling supernatural creatures. We don't want magi to have to learn and invent two parallel sets of spells, one for magical creatures and one for faeries.

There are still separate Divine and Infernal Realms, which function as written.

There are still creatures called faeries that draw energy from human emotions and dreams. They still come from a place called Arcadia. There is still a House Merinita that studies these creatures, and House Merinita still has secrets of magical power that are foreign to the uninitiated. The only difference from the rules as written is that faeries have Magic Might and are affected by spells that affect Magical creatures.