William Robert

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William Robert the Bard of Somerset, Companion age 35 (ages in Autumn) - 1207 Winter

Brave +2, Vain +2, Assure +2

Int 1 Per 0 Str -2(-1) Sta -1 Pre 1 Com 2 Dex 2 Qik 1


Blackmail vs. Cautious with Intrigue

Weakness (Praise) vs. Puissant Music

Overconfident(minor) vs. Self-Confident

Poor Eyesight vs. Sharp Ears

Poor Student vs. Independent Study

Ability Block (Academics) vs. Linguist

English (storytelling) 5 - (60) 75xp

French (storytelling) 5 - (60) 75xp

Latin (storytelling) 5 - 78xp

Athletics (defense) 2 - 15xp

Awareness (alertness) 2 - 15xp

Charm (witty) 2 - 15xp

Folk Ken (nobles) 2 - 15xp

Guile (fast talk) 2 - 15xp

Area Lore (Somerset) 4 - 50xp

Intrigue (rumormongering) 5 - 78xp

Music (compose) 5 - 84xp

Organization Lore Order of Hermes (personalities) 3 - 32xp

Carouse (drinking songs) 2 - 15xp

Etiquette (nobility) 2 - 15xp

Legerdemain (magic tricks) 2 - 15xp

Nobility Lore (personalities) 2 - 31xp

Fairy Lore 1 - 8xp

Bargain 2 - 21xp

Welsh 2 - 26xp

Church Lore (personalities) 2 - 16xp


The self proclaimed Bard of Somerset, he makes a comfortable living entertaining the wealthy elite of Somerset as a wandering minstrel.

He has since switched over to entertaining Wizards which he finds more lucrative and challenging and resides primarily at Stranggore.

Currently he is spying for Philip the Royal Tax collector actively leveraging his intrigue skills in exchange for lenient taxing of the Covenant.


Fine linen robes

Fine Spanish Belt of Turquise, a Gift of Prince - now King - John

Lyre, recorder, drum



Dodge(0) Init +1 Att +n/a Def +1 Dam +n/a

William Robert's Seasons

Who is William Robert the Bard of Somerset?

1207 Winter - William Robert has an aging crisis and is bedridden for a weak and is noticeably weaker.