George the Bastard (deceased)

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George was captain of the turb of Stranggore from Winter 1195 until he died in battle in Spring 1207.

George was an experienced shield grog who came to the covenant in 1194. Previously, he served ten years in the house of Robert of the Evil Eye, so he was familiar with magi and their ways.


George was glad to be serving magi more ethical than his former master, Robert of the Evil Eye. He was elected captain of the turb by the grogs in Winter 1195.

George worked for magi because it's a way to enjoy status and relative wealth. Magi don't care about his parentage, so he can rise as high as his abilities deserve.

While a capable warrior and leader, George had some shortcomings. He was not as brave as he wanted to be, and he was less naturally talented than the other fighting grogs (the Weak Characteristics Flaw). This gave him a bit of an inferiority complex: an urge to prove himself, and a temper that flared when he was frustrated or insulted.


George had a nasty temper. He replied to any disparaging remarks about his parentage with a left hook. No one called him "the Bastard" to his face!

  • Wrathful +3
  • Loyal +2
  • Brave +1

Key Abilities

George had a smattering of several useful abilities but was not especially skilled in them.

  • 1 Faith Point due to a relic
  • Brawl: George was the best bare-knuckle boxer in the turb, a skill he learned in his youth, teaching the other boys to keep their opinions to themselves.
  • Speak French: he knew just enough French know when he's been insulted
  • Hunt
  • Ride
  • Leadership
  • Intrigue


George had a bona fide relic: a lock of hair from Saint Edward the Martyr in a small brass reliquary he wore around his neck. This has been passed along to his widow, Valera.


George was a close comrade to Bloody Bill and John the Pedlar ever since The Butcher of Blackbury.

In Autumn 1196, George studied Latin with Valera, the female scholar of Barstow. Some time during or shortly after that season, a romantic relationship developed between the two of them, and they were married in Autumn 1197.

George and Valera had a daughter, Stella, born summer of 1202. Stella was conceived on Duke Hesmesh's hill in Starfield, so according to the Duke, the child shall receive some kind of magical blessing.



George was killed in battle in Spring 1207 while fighting alongside James. See A Hero at Last.


George the Bastard wa the illegitimate child of a rich Norman knight and a Saxon village woman. He grew up being mocked and bullied by the village boys until he beat some respect into them. At the age of thirteen his noble father tried to set him on the path to knighthood by making him a page to one of his poorer vassals. Lack of strong patronage made his courtly career stall and he never advanced to become a squire: instead he trained as a mounted sergeant and aspired to become a huntsman.

Advancement proved difficult due to his illegitimate birth and poor command of French, so at the age of twenty-one he left the manor and took service with the local wizard, Robert of the Evil Eye. He spent ten years in Robert's service and watched Peregrine grow from a young apprentice to a full-fledged wizard. He accompanied Peregrine on the story Highland Holiday and realized he liked and respected Peregrine a good deal more than Robert. So, when Peregrine moved to Stranggore, George arranged to come along.

Character Sheet

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