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Second son of a Scottish Noble, James was fostered by his mother's brother in Sussex where his Gift was noticed by a Gentle Gifted Jerbiton who abducted him. James also had the Gentle Gift but the act of opening him to the Arts caused him to lose it shaming his paren, who traded his flawed apprentice for a Rook of Vis days into his apprenticeship.

James was adopted by Duncan the Bold a Flambeau who saw James's warrior spirit. Though his new pater chosen school was that of the Founder, James' flaws made this impossible so he trained him in the schools of Ramius and Vilano. Toward this end, James was allowed to fight in tournaments is the guise of the mysterious Black Knight. He'd never take armor or mounts, and those surrendered always disappeared at dawn. James managed to keep his identity secret and avoid the reputation associated with his knightly persona, but he did manage to annoy many a Norman knight who to this day hold a grudge against the Black Knight.

James aptitude with horses earned him the name Caballus even before he had past his Gauntlet.


The negative affects from his Gift manifests in such a way that despite his actions he always seems to be the villain. He is a blood descendent of the mythic Black Knight. This has the unfortunate effect that many a righteous prudhomme challenge and interfere with him. The mythic connection has one benefit, he has a knack for enchanting horses.

James Pater attempted to suppress his Gift, so that he remained Gentle, which may have resulted in his difficulty with magic that he can not touch. James compensate by having flawless control over his spells. His Pater gave James great latitude in his studies allowing him to mold his own destiny.

James has been seen casting the below spells around the Covenfolk of Stranggore:

  • The Wizards Mount
  • Doublet of Impenetrable Silk
  • Saddle from the Sturdy Surcoat
  • Canter at the Kelpie Crossing
  • Knives of Vengence
  • The Wizard's Parry
  • Blade of the Virulent Flame
  • Sword from the Unseen Scabbard
  • Ward Against Beasts of Legend
  • Aura of Ennobled Presence
  • Wizard's Faithful Hound

His Spell Sigil turns its target black, usually their clothes but metal would have a black patina, etc. This staining persists on the spell's target even after the effect ends, and sometimes things not directly targeted get stained too. Needless to say all his clothes are now permanently stained black.

Key Abilities

  • Single Weapon
  • Ride
  • Finesse


James comes from a hardworking family of Scotish minor nobles. He has a no nonsense attitude which often comes off as uncultured and boorish. He is proud of his abilities and cannot resist a challenge. James recently broke off a long love affair with Fredegisa who had a civilizing effect on him. This effect is no longer in play and he is more like his old self.

  • Brave +2
  • Practical +2
  • Proud +2

More can be gathered on James' personality by reading Who is Caballus.


James bested a giant on his Gauntlet and saved a Faerie Princess earning a boon which he then used to save Randolph's life. Overall this story earned him a reputation as a Prudehomme. His House Acclaim rose when he competed in the Stormwatch Tournament. His Prudehome Reputation rose when he started courting the fair Fredegisa, rose again when he defended his honor at the Council Table. Leading the hunt for the rampaging drake earned him a point in his Acclaim as does his leading his men into melee against the spectral horsemen. Slaying a Jonas a posthumously Marched wizard earned him 1 point Acclaim. He earned one point Acclaim for slaying the White Wizard and one point in Pruddehomme for sharing the spoils. He earned another point of Pruddehomme for commissioning a house for his Squire after his second child is born. (Needs Updating)

Flambeau House Acclaim 1 (10)

Prudehomme 1 (9)


1203 Winter The Rook and Key

1202 Autumn The Witching Tree

1201 Autumn Tribunal of 1201

1200 Autumn Oseric the Black

1199 Spring Lost Along the Way and I Shall Be First

1196 Winter Horror Amongst the Stones and Judgement for Jonas

1196 Spring Trouble on the Doorstep

1195 Summer Here Be Dragons

1195 Summer On the Road to Saint Giles

1194 Autumn The Stonehenge Tribunal of 1194

1194 Spring Stormwatch Tournament of 1194

1193 Autumn Gauntlet


James has a number of goals.

In the short term he wants to become a better fighter. He sees his recent defeat by the Gruagach as a gift. He survived and now must become stronger. This goal will also help with his goal to clear the Hallows of non-magical presence. In some cases this may be a fight, against the Dragon of Tintel, but others are more subtle like the encouraging of the "Old Ways" in the village of Amesbury.

His longer term goals are to revive Stranggore and restore England.

He also has some private goals; he is careful about his private goals as they do not reflect his better nature. He tries not to hold anger but he has urges to seek out and challenge those who have thwarted him: Hugh's lackey knight, the knight who failed to pay an agreed upon ransom, the Gruagach, his former Pater. On hearing of Sandre's attempted kidnapping James briefly considers kidnapping the high noble. He wishes to impress Fredegisa, not to win her back but to give her pause, and perhaps just a little remorse.

Character Sheet

Players in the Saga of Stranggore should probably not look at Caballus' character sheet to avoid spoilers.


James Seasonal Activities