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Valera is a scholar who lives at the covenant. She studied and taught at the University of Barcelona. Years ago she was forced to flee her native land of Spain when she was accused of being a witch. She fled to England, where she eventually was promised protection by the Covenant of Stranggore in return for use of her teaching skills when needed by the covenant.

Valera was born around 1160.

Key Abilities

Valera's Communication is +3. She speaks English (with an accent), Spanish, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek.

  • Arabic 4
  • Artes Liberales 4
  • Civil and Canon Law 4
  • Greek 4
  • Hebrew 4
  • Latin 5
  • Medicine 4
  • Philosophiae 4
  • Spanish 5
  • Teaching 5
  • Theology 4


Valera came to Barstow in 1188 at Argus's invitation. In Autumn 1197, she married George the Bastard and moved into his cottage on the covenant grounds.

Valera and George went to Duke Hesmesh's hill where they conceived their daughter, Stella.

George died in 1207.


Valera inherited her husband's relic, a lock of hair from Saint Edward the Martyr, which she keeps in a small brass reliquary on the mantle of her cottage.