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Godwyn is an independent magus (an eremite, one without a covenant) living in a cave in the woods near Stranggore. His initial contact with the magi of Stranggore went poorly and Godwyn developed a strong distrust for his Hermetic neighbors, especially Argus.

Godwyn is a member of House Bjornaer. His heart-beast is a wolf. He was apprenticed at the covenant of Oswald's Haven in Yorkshire.

Godwyn's Character sheet is File:Godwyn.pdf.


Godwyn's Stories

Note: There are still a couple of stories from the forums that ought to be filled in. "Frightened Villagers" comes to mind. Also, I should figure out when The Pilgrimage happened.

Year Season Title Other Characters
1190 Summer Godwyn's Gauntlet Orwin
1190 Autumn Godwyn Sets Out Thomas the Poacher
1190 Winter Of Mice and Monks Thomas the Poacher
1191 Summer The Black Beast of the Weld Thomas the Poacher
1191 Summer A Covenant Denied Torkel, Argus, Thomas the Poacher
1191 Autumn The Horror of Wookey Hole Thomas the Poacher
1191 Winter Two Faces of Love Thomas the Poacher
1195 Summer Release the Hounds Hywel Mawr, Randolph, Thomas the Poacher
1195 Autumn Godwyn's Gambit The Wild Hunt
1196 Winter Snowblind Mericas, Eustace
1198 Spring Godwyn and Paul at Cad Gadu Paul
1198 Summer The Rescue of Ozerk Agnes, Paul, Randolph, Thomas the Poacher
1201 Spring Ozerk's Revenge Paul, Thomas the Poacher, Randolph


Godwyn has one servant, Thomas the Poacher. He seems to be on good terms with Hywel Mawr and has worked with him on adventures.


Godwyn's long-term goal is to gain control of the Master of the Wild Hunt. He plans to use the Wild Hunt to destroy diabolists and to return what are now royal forests to a primeval state.

He sees Blackthorn as a rival and a threat. He seeks both to stand up to them and to strengthen Stranggore to better resist them in the future.

Godwyn wants to restore a thriving wolf pack to the forest now known as Godwyn's Chase and to forge a strong alliance of mutual defense with the wolves. He introduced two magical wolves, Grey-Mane and Silver-Tail, to the Chase several years ago but there has been little story development of his relationship with them.

Godwyn's wolf nature makes him status conscious. He wants the respect of his peers and a position of importance within his covenant, his House, and (if possible) the Tribunal.

He had a religious awakening following his pilgrimage and wants to serve God's will. To him, this means helping Stranggore to rule wisely and to bring justice to the land. It also means thwarting or deposing nobles who abuse their power -- in his mind, most of those are Norman.

Laboratory Goals

In approximate order of priority:

  • Improve Vim score
  • Invent The Gift of Vigor
  • Invest Maintaining the Demanding Spell into Talisman
  • Learn some anti-demon spells
  • Learn Ward Against the Beasts of Legend from covenant grimoire
  • Research artifacts collected long ago: Thorn's belt, stone from Maidencastle
  • Learn Sight of the True Form
  • Improve Terram score
  • Copy lab texts into covenant grimoire.


Godwyn has a sealed and written will, which he has given to the redcap John of Worcester for safekeeping. He leaves the following bequests: