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Randolph is the huntsman of Stranggore. He started as a grog, but acquired supernatural powers as faerie gifts over the course of his stories. He is now a companion. He is the covenant's chief huntsman and master of hounds and horse.


Randolph was the Kennel Master's apprentice at the Manar House Covenant where Caballus was apprenticed to Duncan the Bold in Inverury, Scotland. In the story Gauntlet, he earned a Faerie Dog named Amadán.


Randolph is responsible for breeding and training hunting dogs, the sale of which supplements the covenant's income. He also takes care of the horses, with the help of Joseph the stable boy.

Key Abilities

Randolph's faerie boons include a faerie dog that tracks unerringly, and the heart of an enchanted white stag (transplanted into his body) that gives him great courage and athletic ability.

  • Animal Handling (Dogs)
  • Hunt (with Dogs)
  • Profession Master of Kennels
  • Bow (hunting)


Randolph is short and is oversensitive about that one matter. Otherwise he is a reliable huntsman.

  • Brave +3
  • Loyal +2
  • Persistent +2


  • Unlucky (local) 1.

Randolph has had bad experiences in his stories. In Gauntlet, he was Incapacitated (though the grogs say he was stone dead) and healed by a faerie lord; in The Rescue of Ozerk, he was cursed for a year and a day. In The Shortest Day, when everyone else received enchanted items from Lady Bellantia, Randolph's reward was to have his living heart cut out of his chest and replaced with that of a white faerie stag (Randolph's heart was transplanted into the stag).


Character Sheet


If Randolph is ever out of date his default Seasons are below:

Spring - exposure Animal Handling (2xp), tending the various animals during birthing/breeding season.

Summer - practice Area Lore (2xp), Profession Kennel Master (2xp), Survival (2xp), explore the area around Stranggore for hunting possibilties.

Fall - exposure Hunt (2xp), contributing game for the covenant's larder.

Winter - practice Carouse (2xp), Charm (2xp), Folk Ken (2xp), socialize with covenfolk.