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Rhys was an orphaned Welsh boy whom Caballus and Hywel found in Autumn 1195. His immediate family were slain by a "dragon" (actually a fire drake) in the story Here Be Dragons so the magi brought him back to the covenant.

Rhys was 8 years old when the magi found him, so he was born in 1187.

Rhys is Hywel's laboratory servant, providing the benefits of the Servant laboratory Virtue (Covenants, p. 116).

AndrewG is the maintainer of Rhys.

Notable Abilities

  • Rhys has a supernatural sense for danger (the Premonitions Ability).
  • Latin


  • Rhys no longer lives with Hywel but still looks to him as his benefactor.
  • Friend and playmate of Joseph: the two boys are about the same age.
  • Beloved of Gwen and object of her True Love.

Character Sheet

Rhys has now been living at the covenant for several years. George the Bastard has had the other grogs, notably Valera and Angus the Dragonslayer, begin training him as a grog.

Here's his File:Rhys.pdf.