Stranggore Loose Ends

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Items Found

Godwyn has:

Some Gifts from Alderic have not been chosen yet.

In the basement (Terram) sanctum was an hourglass of green stone that seemed extremely slowed-down in time. It was inscribed with the Latin phrase, "Until we meet again."

Agnes has the hat that Loudevine made from the pelt of Ozerk's familiar.

Caballus has Seleucus's journal.

Sandre has Stephen's notes from his extreme magical experiments.

Who has the Eyes of Albion and what has he seen?

Agnes has a hat made of lynx fur.

Promises Made

In the story The Duke's Siblings, Agnes delivered a message to one of Duke Hesmesh's siblings, but was unable to find the other. Although Agnes does not seem to be under obligation to continue the search, she may receive an additional reward if she is able to locate and speak with the Duke's missing brother.

Duke Hesmesh owes Agnes a season of training.

Tobias promised to teach Paul "his secrets".

The pact with Old Bryna was that she would prevent wicked creatures from passing through the faerie trod, and the magi would prevent house being built within sight of a certain stone. To uphold this pact, certain houses have to be moved. We learned of this in 1201 in the story Otho's Children.

Characters Met

Godwyn set loose the two wolves, Grey-Mane and Silver-Tail, in Godwyn's Chase. He plans to follow up and visit them.

Godwyn may wish to take revenge on Loudevine for her capture and cursing of Ozerk. See The Rescue of Ozerk.

Sandre has an ongoing rivalry with the Crimson Brotherhood.

James is owed a suit of mail from a knight he bested.

James has sworn to slay the Troll of the New Forest.

James has a debt of honor to fight without magic Gilbert de Lacy.

Mystical Places

The Witching Tree is an enchanted elder tree in the Weld. In Autumn 1202, James was sent there to collect a bough for a ritual that would help Stranggore's flickering Magic aura. He found the tree dead. It may be possible to plant another, if a suitable seed or seedling can be found.

We haven't visited them all, but there are several Lost Covenants in the Stonehenge Tribunal whose fate our magi may wish to explore. Magnantrum is nearby.

Who or what are the Illuminati and what binds them together.

Covenant Improvements

Godwyn and Sandre searched Ozerk's sanctum for valuables in 1203. Per council meeting of Autumn 1203, the magi plan to let Agnes take over Ozerk's sanctum after she passes her Gauntlet.

The third floor sanctum in the northeast tower is haunted. Sandre is interested in clearing it out to reclaim the space.

Expand the Covenant's Customs and Laws where the Covenfolk have special rights (and rites).

Prophecies and Omens

The Skull of Cissa answers in an unfamiliar voice: the voice of an old woman. It says,

Three lands, one land.

Three kings, one peril.

Many songs, one chorus.

Unite the voices to calm the twilit realm

Lest the land go to wrack and waste.

There is something deep within the umber of Twilight Realm which will grab you and not let you go. It wants out.

The land weakens, magic falters.