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Personality and Relationships


Sandre's trust is not easily earned but once he gives it, he is a loyal friend. His greatest loyalty is to the Order of Hermes and the Code, and only great temptation could make him stray from his ideals.

  • Sandre has a level 2 Hermetic reputation: Upholds the Code.
  • Sandre has a level 1 Common reputation: Demon Slayer
  • Sandre has spoken to the dead on a number of occasions, leading him to be seen by the grogs as possibly the creepiest magus.

Important Relationships

  • Sandre is married to Marie LaMont. In the spring of 1205, they had a daughter named Matilda.
  • Sandre has made himself a rival of the Crimson Brotherhood.
  • Sandre's father is a Norman nobleman, and wishes for Sandre to act as a court wizard.
  • Sandre has befriended the Bishop of Bath.
  • Sandre has been on many adventures with Caballus, but has begun to avoid bringing him along on important quests, as Caballus has a bad habit of killing people Sandre wants to interrogate.
  • Sandre helped bridge the conflict between Godwyn and Argus, but has not taken much more time to get to know Godwyn.
  • Agnes has a habit of going to Sandre for help, to the point that Sandre thinks of her somewhat as an annoying little sister.


  • Sandre is Driven to become a Quaesitor:
    • Seeks to help rid the country of the demon-possessed king
    • Trying to become well known for being a protector of the code
    • Looking for things to investigate, to show off his intelligence and deductive abilities
  • Wants to be a respected (or at least feared) member of house Tremere
    • Trying to complete a task to learn about a ghost
    • Fights in Certamen Tournaments
  • Wants an apprentice
  • Wants a familiar


Recent Years

In 1208 Sandre won his sigil from Garvonn, and championed an Eremite Magus named Gregory in a Certamen duel against another Eremite, Kikas.

In 1207 Sandre discovered a pack of infernal spiders.

In 1205 Sandre and Godwyn investigated the tower that was once the covenant of Stellaspur.

In the Winter of 1204, Sandre and Caballus traveled to Avebury and destroyed the ghost of an infernal sorcerer, as well as battling several minor infernal forces.

In Spring 1203, Sandre assisted Fredegisa by investigating some stolen goods bound for Voluntas. Sandre was successful in retrieving the goods, and one of the culprits is in mundane custody.

Sandre and Caballus fought the infernal sorcerer Seleucus, and captured several documents which spoke of the Infernal Plot.

Early years as a Magus

Shortly after becoming a Magus of the Order, Sandre traveled to Stranggore to stay for a season as a guest. At the end of the season, Sandre was offered the opportunity of membership at Stranggore and accepted. I

n his first few years, Sandre came into conflict with two members of the Crimson Brotherhood, and beaten a third in the Certamen Tournament. He is not thought of well by this covenant, and he does not think well of them either.

Sandre and his family were briefly in touch after he became a full Magus, but he avoids contact whenever possible. However this is difficult whenever Sandre travels near his fathers lands.


Sandre was apprenticed to Garvonn a magus of Amici Britanniae. Sandre passed his gauntlet on his first try, but did not win his sigil from Garvonn until the 1208 tribunal. At the fall tribunal he won his sigil from Garvonn, whom he knocked unconscious in the third round of certamen, due to the use of a considerable amount of vis.

Early Years

Born William de Gallios, Sandre is a son of the Duke of Bedford, a Norman. Sandre's gift was discovered very early in his life and his father, ever looking for power and advantage, was quick to give him up as an apprentice of the Order by the time he was 5.

Abilities and Belongings

Holdings and Possesions

Lab, +0 to lab total
His talisman: a rowan, brass, and topaz staff
Eye of Andrion: Sight of the active magics 3xday
Silver Ring, casts a Level 15 Maintaining the Demanding Spell three times per day.
2 Pawns Creo
5 Pawns Corpus
2 Pawns Perdo
4 Pawns Muto
1 Pawn Imaginem
4 Pawn Intellego
7 Pawn Mentem
13 Pawns Rego
9 Pawns Vim


Sandre passed his gauntlet as a generalist, having equal ability in almost every art.
Since joining Stranggore, Sandre's studies have focused on Intellego, Mentem, and Vim.

Key Abilities

  • Latin
  • Magic Theory
  • Awareness
  • Skills associated with Certamen
  • Sandre has never managed to learn even the basics of any weapon or shield, and can barely stand in armor.

Tractacae Read


"Intellego Ominum" (Intellego)
"Intellego" (Intellego)
"De Vi" (Vim)
"Vim Circuitum" (Vim)
"On the Meaning of Names" (Vim)
"De Mentem" (Mentem)
"Mentem et Manes" (Mentem)
"On the Hearts of Men" (Mentem)
"Beyond the Veil of Death" (Mentem)
"Rego" (Rego)
"Seven Principles of Occult Action" (Rego)
"De Herbis" (Herbam)
"De Imagine" (Imaginem)


"De Magia Sympathetica" (Magic Theory)
"Magia Universalis" v.1,2,3(Magic Theory)
"The Albino's Notes" (Magic Theory)
"Tribunal of Stonehenge, A.D. 1054, Vol. 1" (Code of Hermes)
"To Give a Wizard Strength" (Penetration)
"Parma Magica" (Parma Magica)
"Techniques of Spellcasting, Vol. 3" (penetration)
"Techniques of Spellcasting, Vol. 4" (parma)
"The Invisible Fortress" (Parma)
"Emanations of the Soul" (Sense Unholy)
"Life of Pralix the Founder" (Order of Hermes)

Character Sheet

This is full of spoilers:
Sandre's Sheet

Sandre's Season Activities This is a list to help me keep track.


1208: Autumn

1205: Autumn

1203: Spring

1199: Spring

1198: Spring

1196: Winter

1196: Summer

1196: Spring

1195: Summer

1194: Fall

1194: Spring

1193: Fall

  • Sandre officially joins the Covenant of Stranggore.

1193: Summer

1193: Spring